3weeks is an online learning platform for adult learners to engage in their child-like wonder. Each course is 3 weeks in length and virtually taught by one instructor. The co-founders of 3weeks.courses wanted their brand to have a child-like, playful feel that fits well into an adult, corporate space.
I developed the concept of using three 3 dimensional blocks that build on each other to represent both the three weeks of learning. The blocks are reminiscent of the commonly used children's toy of bright and colorful building blocks. The logo uses the 3 block concept within the 3 of '3weeks' to show the building up of a skill over the course of 3 weeks. The blocks have a sense of movement within their stagnant design so the audience can feel progress within the brand itself. ​​​​​​
the 3 weeks logo with a purple, yellow and blue 3 cut into blocks
The 3 weeks homepage
A PDF document explaining what 3 weeks is
Introductory flyer for 3weeks company sent out in email PDF format
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