A polaroid of me outdoors and smiling
Hi! I'm Erin, a Boston based artist, freelance designer, and comedian. At a young age I found my voice through theater and performance which is where my love for self-expression and the arts derives from. My early design studies began in Costume Design and eventually led me to Graphic Design. I love to experiment and find new ways of making in my work.
When I am not designing I am either performing, watching horror movies, eating cheese from Trader Joe’s, reading poetry or astrology, saying I am going to do yoga but having a cocktail instead, discussing Harry Potter with my partner for the 100th time, having dinner with my family, or going to bed late.
My philosophy is that design is problem-solving mixed with art. Good design takes time, it takes research, and it takes creativity. Experimenting, critiquing, and iterating are vital processes in my design practice (and in life for that matter).
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