Dykotomy is a publication of performing gender through self portraiture. Dykotomy takes the experience of boxing yourself into more easily digestible gender norms and destroys it by physically queering the portraits. The portraits are shown twice: first as perfected, refined portraits and second as messy, unedited experiments. Both the perfected self and the messy self are living together but this publication is not bound. It is a fluid document, free to explore in any direction the viewer decides.
[queer: verb. to spoil or ruin]
I am fascinated with the abnormal in design. My work leans quirky and unexpected as being weird, or queer rather, is a part of me. In my thesis study I focused on pushing the boundaries of what normal in design is through using unexpected materials and documentation. 
Searching for perfection in design is often a hinderance and does not allow for creativity to unfold. In this thesis project, I leaned into the mess. I incorporated my love for photography and my passion for experimentation to discover where my creativity and intuition would lead.
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