Dykotomy comprises two distinct bodies of work: Lessons of Anatomy: How To Not Be Lesbian and Dykotomy. Both projects delve into the exploration of duality and the complexities of a concealed identity. As a queer woman who has wrestled with the experience of being closeted for a significant portion of my life, these works serve as a reflection on the profound impact of internalized homophobia in my personal journey. The creation of this thesis spanned from January 2021 to May 2022, encompassing a meticulous process that unfolded in several stages. It began with extensive research and the formation of ideas, which then transitioned into months of immersive experimentation and rigorous testing. Ultimately, this personal, artistic endeavor culminated in an impactful final exhibition.

Lessons of Anatomy:  How to Not be Lesbian
Dykotomy; the index
The Exhibition
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