ImprovBoston is a non-profit theater and a pillar of comedy in the Boston area. The organization has been around for over 40 years with a home-base in Cambridge, MA for 15 of those 35 years. During the COVID-19 shut down the theater shut down but the organization was able to stay alive. ImprovBoston returned in 2021 and with it came a rebrand. 
As a community based theater that thrives on its large and vast community with many members. The community made the previous logo and mascot and it was loved by many. With this rebrand I wanted to focus on the community, pulling in previous aspects to pay homage to what came before. The new logo has a friendly feel, keeping its quirky, goofy nature from the previous design.
The new logo for ImprovBoston in blue
A description of the logo. A laughing face is a nod to the goon (the old logomark). A glyph on the V is a nod to the old logo. A second laughing face represents theater masks.
The old logo
Previous logo
The old logomark, a laughing face with tongue sticking out.

Previous icon - The Goon
The color palette of the new brand including blue, yellow, red, green, pink, and orange
The color palette HEX codes
Example of the typography choices in a text box layout
Typography choices for headings and body text
The word Comedy in the new typeface
The logomarks including tongues from the V
A poster on the harassment policy using the new brand
A flowchart of the curriculum using the new color palette and typeface
ImprovBoston Slide Deck
The slide deck was created prior to the release of the new logo but began to incorporate elements of the rebrand such as color and asset shapes. Both the design and copy was created by me.
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