Aeronaut Brewing Company developed their first seasonal Pride Beer released in June 2021. The creation of the beer was a team wide creation led by our LGBTQIA+ staff. Everything from the recipe formulation, to the brewing execution, to the label creation has been an in-house effort. The name, picked by our staff, pays homage to the fearless hippie queen, Hibiscus! A portion of proceeds go to the Transgender Emergency Fund. 
The logo was made collaboratively. Painter Mx. Brit Whitmore Weidel hand drew a set of icons (the motorcycle, the moth, the lipstick screwdriver) as inspiration for me to further the concepts into the illustration below. Each icon represents an aspect of the queer identity, queer history, and queer inside jokes. Each was researched using Queer x Design: 50 years of Signs, Symbols, Banners, and Logos as well as surveying a variety of queer members in the somerville community. ​​​​​​​
Journey to the Center is a hibiscus gose kissed with coriander, pink salt, and white peppercorn.
Pride Beer Label. A series of icons representing queer imagery falling into a rainbow black hole that represents a dance floor with the colors of the trans flag in a textured background
A picture of the beer label on the beer can sitting on top a case of beers
illustrated and photographed by me
The label in a label mockup
can label
The webpage about the beer describing the beer, ABV, etc.
A picture of the beer in a can with a glass of the beer that is a bright red in front of a pride flag
photographed by me
A glitter version of the Aeronaut Can Tab logomark
Aeronaut Brewing Company Logo glittered especially for can
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