In a 3 month period I took photos on my walk to work every day until I reached 1,000 photos. I sorted the photos and looked for trends in what I saw in my surroundings. Trash appeared a lot and it became a clear trend. Using all 1,000 photos I created a sticker concept titled "Love Your City". I used the sticker to then stick on the trash that I continued to see on my walk to work. The sticker is meant to draw the eye of someone walking by, drawing your attention to the trash with the message 'love your city'. ​​​​​​​
The pictures used inside the words 'love your city' are all images of nature or earth-made creations such as flowers, plants, or ivy. The images used in the black and white ball of trash behind the type were all the images of man-made trash that I took. 
Mockup of the sticker "Love Your City" on piles of trash
Poster of the stickers in the world being stuck onto trash
A trash ball
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