Inspired by one of my favorite shows on television, I created a title sequence for Broad City. I have always admired Mike Perry's illustrative style and cheeky title sequences and I wanted to develop my own story board in this style. ​​​​​​​
The title sequences for Broad City are short, quick, quirky, and often times vulgar using female body parts. I wanted to ensure my version did the same. The sequence opens with a clock running fast and two shapes closing in. When the shapes get to the center we see that it has created a vagina and the clock jumps to the beat of the title song appearing as a pulsing clitoris. We see the shape transform into a menstrual cup, filled with red liquid with small bubbles and two fingers come up to empty the cup into the arriving words 'Broad City'. The little bubbles then become the counters of the letters 'B' 'R' 'O' and 'D'. 
To teach myself how to use Adobe's software Character Animator I developed a short animation written by a local comedian. The two characters are stuck in a castle and need help saving but quickly realize they can just save themselves. 
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