A grant funded project funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and hosted by Tufts University. The NFPCSA brought together a diverse group of library workers to build a shared understanding about how digital violence is perpetrated, the racialized and gendered power structures that enable it, as well as tools and strategies for its prevention. 
I was the designer for the database which consisted of creating a logo, banners for each page and subpage, icons for each section of the handbook, and digital materials such as a slide deck and instagram squares. 
The main purpose of the design for this project was to bring visuals to the digital collection of writings. The visuals were meant to add color and hope. We often see ominous imagery when learning about sexual abuse and violence but for this project we wanted the visuals to add a hopeful feel as the project is about prevention. 
We went with a garden theme to message that prevention starts at the roots. The variety of flowers and colors showcase diversity - sexual abuse affects everyone. The color palette is warm tone to give a human feel to it as well. 
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