I developed a set of icons that represent the identities of gender, sex, and sexuality. When sitting down to create a set of icons I noticed the limits that the world of icons has on representing human identities. When we see gender represented in an icon it is almost always the icons we see on a bathroom stall - a woman is represented through a skirt and a man without and that it is for gender. Sex has a set of scientific symbols used, and sexuality has almost no representation as a singular icon or symbol. 
Inspired by queer artist Keith Haring*, whom I admire for his formless yet human shapes, I developed a set of icons for gender, sex, and sexuality. Using chromosomal markers in the genital region of a formless yet human shape to describe what sex is (simply sex organs). Using the symbols of gender on a variety of body-like shapes to show that any gender can be represented in a variety of ways, not through traditional gender clothing. Lastly, using hearts of different shapes, sizes, and colors to showcase the wide array of sexuality. ​​​​​​​
The forms are active, bold, bright, and living. They are also not singular in size, height, or shape. A persons' identity shouldn't be boiled down into a single icon but the set as a whole describes the variety of identifiers a person can hold when discussing sex, gender, and sexuality.
A poster design of on definition of one term
Poster design for advertising icons
*Though these icons were inspired by Keith Haring they do not borrow any specifics from his works and all artwork is my own.

These icons were created in an educational setting. Copyright law provides for the principle, commonly called "fair use" that the reproduction of copyright works for certain limited, educational purposes, does not constitute copyright infringement. The above instagram account of these icons was for the purpose of the educational assignment and has since been deleted. 
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