Reclaim is a brand of menstrual cups with the goal of dismantling the hyper-feminine focus we see in most period product marketing. Period products are traditionally gendered to be stereotypically feminine but not all people who use period products identify with femininity. The design stays away from colors traditionally associated with femininity and instead does not shy away from the period. The use of the color red and the use of the blood orange both call out a period for what it is - bloody. Throughout history the period has been viewed as something 'gross' that needs to be hushed but this product treats the period as a natural and human occurrence, which is truly what it is.
Additionally, the product is reusable, encouraging its market to choose reusable over wasteful and often times unhealthy period products such the average tampon. 
A mockup of the packaging design including a blood orange and text "You will throw away 17,000 disposable period products in your lifetime... or switch to reusable"
The inside of the label including text on why you should switch to reusable period products
A mockup of the label opened on the tin
The directions of using the cup
A mockup of the directions
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