I developed the podcast cover art for comedic podcast Sam & Rachel's Generation Gap. I incorporated imagery reminiscent of their individual childhood loves hung as if we were staring at posters in their teenage bedrooms. 
Podcast Description
Flash back to 1996. Rachel was heading to junior prom. And her future husband, Sam? Well, he was heading into kindergarten. AAACK!  Welcome to the Generation Gap. A new comedy podcast where improv comedians, & real-life couple, Rachel Rosenthal & Sam De Roest, expose each other to all of the pop culture that the other missed out on. Real stories, real romance… & a really awkward age difference.​​​​​​​
Over the past few years, real-life married couple & comedy duo, Rachel & Sam, recognized the humor in their twelve year age difference, subsequently creating their live stage show in New York City: The Generation Gap! Rachel represented teens of the 90’s with stories of 90’s hip hop dances, while Sam retold cringe-worthy stories from the aughts - through his pop punk high school bands, & do-it-yourself lip piercings. Similar to the live show, each podcast episode will explore iconic pieces of nostalgic pop culture from their different childhoods (Think: Debbie Gibson vs. Britney Spears or Pokemon vs. Saved by the Bell!) along with true stories, contagious banter, & ridiculous laughs!

Sam and Rachel's Generation Gap podcast cover image including a set of icons that represent things from the 80s and 90s.
Final design 
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