Skip the Small Talk is a community based monthly event held in Boston with the purpose of building connections across strangers that goes deeper than your typical small talk. The founder approached me with a desire to rebrand her company before expanding into 6 new cities across the US. She wanted her logo to represent the diversity of people that attend these events, the playful nature behind its purpose, and give a welcoming feeling. She wanted the colors to be bright and the letters to be hand drawn to represent the human-focus aspect of the organization.
Skip the Small Talk logo with hand lettering and 4 word bubbles in 4 different colors and shapes
The thought bubbles areĀ a direct inspiration from the previous logo of Skip the Small Talk refreshed to fit a playful, welcoming feeling. They are also used to showcase the diversity of voices welcome with their different shapes, colors, and lines.
The old logo
Previous logo
Mockup of a business card
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