Dykotomy is two bodies of work, Lessons of Anatomy: How To Not Be Lesbian and Dykotomy, that both investigate the duality of a hidden identity. I am a queer woman grappling with being closeted for most of my life; these works reflect on how internalized homophobia has manifested for me.
Lessons of Anatomy: How to Not Be Lesbian, is a series of 10 posters dissecting my body and gender expectations. The anatomical design places the viewer in a high school biology classroom and makes the viewer an inspector. The sterile visual juxtaposed with the satirical voice plays with expectations when the viewer engages; not everything is as it seems.
This piece comes from my experience of desperately trying to hide my queerness and the meticulous learning on how to refine my outer appearance to do so. It is not meant to speak for all women or all queer people but shares the effects those two identities in conjunction with each other have had on my sense of self.
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